5 things to do in El Paso, Texas

El Paso lies in the western tip of Texas. It is the largest American city on the Mexican frontier. It has a very unique desert landscape that is home to different kinds of flora and fauna. The city is rich in cultural attractions. And, although the temperatures can get above 100 degrees during the summer months, the city has so much to offer. You can always hire an air conditioning El Paso company to take care of cooling you down as well. Here are the major attractions of El Paso.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park


This park is located 100 miles east of the city. You get a chance to see the wild life like desert amphibians, golden eagles, and about 90 species of butterflies. The park is famous for it’s highest elevation in Texas and also for the rock El Capitan. It is a very popular place for the hikers due to its 80 miles of beautiful trails.

The National Border Patrol Museum


This museum provides a fascinating view of the history of US Border Patrol. The main features of this museum include a huge collection of patrol vehicles from motorcycles, rudimentary boats and eeps to sophisticated aircrafts. There are also different exhibits of uniforms, weapons, photos, badges and artwork.

El Paso Zoo


It is a great place for family fun. You can explore the Animals of Africa, Asia and America. There many creatures both small and large. There are Zoo Adventure Programs for both adults and children. Daily animal encounters are also available where visitors can see animals like monkeys, sea lions, tortoises, etc. up close.

Fort Bliss and Old Iron Sides Museums


It was established as a US Army post in 1848. It later served as a base for Confederate forces during the Civil War. It is now home to the Army Air Defense Center. It is also a combat training location for allied nations. The museum has air and missile defense exhibits and other military artifacts that covers period from1861 through to Desert Storm.

Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens


This museum features displays on natural and cultural history of the Southwest and Mexico. Situated on the campus of the University of Texas at El Paso, the museum has both permanent and changing exhibits that deal with archeology, geology, ethnology, paleontology, arts and sciences. The Chihuathuan Desert Gardens have more than 600 species of native plants.

El Paso, Texas is full of museums. If you have an inclination towards art, culture and history, then you will love this place.

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